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7 Reasons Why Epicor is the ERP of Choice for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies are becoming innovative and smart. They are moving towards Industrial 4.0 by relying upon automation, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other technologies. They are on their way to create a smart factory. The innovative technologies are enabling the manufacturers to improve the pace of production, reduce downtime, and have a positive impact on their bottom-line. However, even as manufacturing companies innovate and evolve, there is still an urgent need to streamline the fragmented processes. They need to replace their legacy ERP to manage their processes efficiently.

In this blog, we will be exploring how Epicor’s ERP can aid manufacturing companies to become more innovative.

Why Is Epicor ERP Perfect For Manufacturing Companies?

1. Offers manufacturing-focused modules

Epicor ERP provides focused modules that are a perfect fit for manufacturing companies. It supports various manufacturing processes ranging from make-to-order, engineer-to-order, to other advanced processes such as product lifecycle management and embedded advanced planning and scheduling. Epicor ERP offers manufacturers innovative tools such as real-time visibility into business operations to add value to integral business processes management and reach new levels of success. It is a perfect solution for companies that are trying to keep pace with Industry 4.0.

2. Eliminates complexity

As manufacturing companies use innovative technologies to build smart factories, they have to learn to leverage data to make critical decisions at every level of the business process. A legacy ERP might not be efficient or accurate to manage an enormous amount of data. It can make the processes complex, and that can detrimental to the growth of the company. That’s where Epicor ERP can come to rescue. Epicor can simplify the processes by optimizing it for the current scenario. Collaborative and responsive in nature, Epicor improves the process agility and reduces the gaps in planning, decision-making, and implementation of the processes. It can help manufacturers to understand the demands of the customers and make changes to their products at a rapid pace.

3. Is cloud-ready

Epicor ERP offers cloud-based enterprise solutions to manufacturers. It can be connected from anywhere, anytime. The best part is that Epicor offers contextual training to prepare the manufacturing teams to move to the cloud. From service and asset management to customer relationship management, manufacturing companies can manage their entire processes in a highly secured cloud environment. Epicor’s cloud ERP addresses the most pressing IT issues of a manufacturing company – ranging from accelerating the speed to deliver products, reducing IT costs and dependency, and securing the data.

4. Offers flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and scalability are some of the best advantages that Epicor ERP offers to manufacturing companies. Companies have the flexibility to choose between private or shared cloud services without compromising on security. They can quickly respond to customer demands and scale depending upon the demand.

5. Is responsive and easy-to-access

The manufacturing companies function in a hyper-connected way. They now function beyond cubicles and plants. Hence, it is important to provide access anywhere anytime access to employees. Epicor ERP offers seamless integration that enables employees to access the complete ERP solution on their mobile device in real-time. They can access and manage a myriad of modules, including work orders, inventories, and billings on-the-go, without causing any delay in customer response time.

6. Streamlines processes and saves costs

To become truly agile, manufacturers have to streamline their processes. It enables them to respond to the customer demands faster, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Let’s look at an example of Big Ass Fans, a Lexington-based company that manufactures industrial and residential cooling and lighting solutions. The company wanted to streamline its production to grow faster. They were on the path of high growth, and they wanted to ensure that they could meet the customer deadlines on time. When they started using Epicor ERP, they were able to make changes to production schedules in real-time, and save costs in their supply chain. Eventually, Big Ass Fans were able to grow from a $25 million company into a $300 million company.

7. Promotes innovation

As a company that constantly innovates, Epicor ERP believes that the only way for manufacturers to grow is by focusing on innovation. To help companies to become innovative, Epicor ERP has simplified the deployment process by moving business processes into the cloud. By moving to the cloud, companies can worry less about IT dependency and maintenance and focus on improving innovation in their manufacturing process. It also goes beyond the usual functionalities and offers a whole spectrum of features such as integration with Business Integration tools that helps manufacturers with other functions such as CRM planning, marketing campaigns, and custom pricing.


To ensure that they cater to the manufacturing companies, Epicor ERP recently introduced a concept called ‘ease of everything’. The objective of this concept is to make the solutions easy to deploy, access, learn, use, and upgrade for manufacturers. The aim is to change the way manufacturing companies transact and deliver. That’s what makes it a perfect fit for manufacturing companies. It understands how manufacturing companies function like no one else.

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